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Teaching Staff

Mrs V Watson (P1)
Mrs C Lilley (P3)
Mrs S Bennett (P2 Job Share)
Mrs S Mullan (P4)
Mrs K Montgomery (P5)
Mr S Hyde (P7)
Miss B Wright (Numeracy Support)

Other Teachers not photographed:

Mrs M Campbell (P2 Job Share)

Mrs C Hegarty (P5 - covering Mrs Montgomery's maternity leave)

Mrs G O'Neill (P6)


Primary 1

Mrs V Watson

Head of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Senior Management Team Member

Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Literacy Coordinator


Primary 2

Mrs M Campbell

PDMU Coordinator

RE Coordinator

Mrs S Bennett

Music Coordinator


Primary 3

Mrs C Lilley

ICT Coordinator


Primary 4

Mrs S Mullan

Art Coordinator


Primary 5

Mrs K Montgomery 

PE Coordinator


Primary 6

Mrs G O'Neill

The World Around Us Coordinator


Primary 7

Mr S Hyde

Head of Key Stage 2

Senior Management Team Member

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Assessment Coordinator

Numeracy Coordinator


Numeracy Support

Miss B Wright